End chronic symptoms. Restore your health. Regain your life.

Healing the body through neuroscience.

Many chronic symptoms are poorly understood by the medical community.

You may have been to many doctors, your symptoms aren’t believed, or there is no solution. Perhaps you’ve tried alternative treatments or some mindbody techniques but only partly improved. You may have tried ‘everything’. Yet you continue to suffer.

These problems are common.

You are not alone. An estimated 40% of all primary care visits are because of medically unexplained symptoms.

Fortunately, there is new science to help.

New science reveals many chronic conditions stem from brain signaling through neural pathways— not from damage in the body. Thousands of people have successfully resolved symptoms with this model. You can empower yourself too. Get your body back, and live your life again.


“I got pieces of my life back I thought were lost forever. Dr. Kennedy listened to what I was saying and heard me.” – A.S

I am now at 100%. I was kind of shocked. It is durable. It is not a transitory flicker. I’m looking ahead to the future now that feels like an open vista. – K.

“Now four years beyond contracting COVID I can go for brisk walks, take care of our house, get down and play with my grandson on the floor. I have my life back and I look forward to the next adventure.” – Deborah N

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Dr. Kennedy.

My mission is to empower people with chronic and debilitating symptoms to restore their lives through evidence-based neuroscience.

I am a family medicine physician with an intense passion to help you restore your life. I spent over 20 years working in the current medical model and saw thousands of patients with medically unexplained symptoms for which there were few good solutions. I searched out and found the new evidence-based science which has been known for a few decades, but not yet made it to mainstream medicine. I trained extensively in this model and worked with patients at Kaiser Permanente where I was also the lead of the long COVID clinic. I teach people tools that are a blend of psychology and physiology to rewire the nervous system that can completely resolve chronic debilitating symptoms.
After several years of seeing this model’s profoundly transformative effects, I left Kaiser Permanente to start my own clinic and focus solely on this work.

My Approach

As a primary care physician, I understand the whole person – how all the organ systems, mind, prior and current experiences make sense together. I thoroughly explore the root of your symptoms to determine if there is structural damage in your body versus signaling from your brain. I collaboratively individualize the calming tools, brain retraining, emotional processing as well as self-compassion and empowerment to bring the joy and meaning that you deserve into your life.

You are stronger than you think. With the right pathway, you can heal yourself.

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