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Nitza’s story with excruciating back pain

“It’s been surprising the way my body has responded based on how I have been dealing with my emotions.”

Deborah’s experience getting her life back after 4 years with Long Covid

“In 2 weeks I felt like I was the person I had been before.”

Long COVID with Amy S: From debilitated to getting pieces of her life back she thought she never would.

“For the first time since long COVID I was happy to be alive. My life is full again.” – Mary G

Kyle’s recovery from Chronic Fatigue

“I am now at 100%. I was kind of shocked. It is durable. It is not a transitory flicker. I’m looking ahead to the future now that feels like an open vista.”

Rory’s recovery from post viral illness from Brisbane Australia

“I feel like a completely different person. A million times better than the person who got the virus in the first place.”

‘I have been struggling with Long Covid for a long time and to be frank I was getting depressed and feeling hopeless with everyone saying they were sorry but there is no treatment or the medical community does not know enough about Covid yet. Then my GP referred me to Dr. Kennedy and the Covid Clinic! What a difference it has made in my life, the skills I have learned have helped me so much. Dr. Kennedy is warm, kind, understanding and her approach works. After the first appointment and the group session I had hope for the first time. When things get rough I go back to what I have learned, it helps greatly. If you have Long Covid please give this your attention, you will not be disappointed.’ 

C.T. Portland, OR

“My life had become increasingly smaller.  After two emergency visits for acute pain; the ongoing pain in my low-back, mid-back and neck, dictated everything I did, fear of exacerbating the pain narrowed my world to essentials of daily life.  Multiple tests, specialists and interventions provided temporary relief but nothing that was dependable or would last.  When I was finally referred to Dr. Kennedy, I was hopeful but not convinced she would have “answers.”  What I learned from her has changed my life.  What I learned was that the chronic pain I was experiencing was a mis-firing of pain messages from my brain, triggered by fear and decades old programming not to trust my body, not to trust life.  It wasn’t an overnight fix.  It’s taken time to incorporate new messages into my body, new skills into my daily life, it was slow and there were set-backs, but overtime my life has expanded, the pain has eased, and at almost eight decades, my life has become fuller and more satisfying than I knew was possible.  I continue to practice the skills I’ve learned, sharing them with friends and family.  I occasionally still have pain but I know how to embrace it, manage it, and not let it take over.  Thank you Dr. K….you have changed my life.”

H.S. Portland, OR

I feel incredibly lucky that I found Dr. Kennedy. Her knowledge of how pain works in the body and her ability to relay that information in a thoughtful way made a significant change in my life. Living with chronic pain is devastating and I felt fairly defeated by the lack of relief from my orthopedic doctor and physical therapist. The techniques that Dr. Kennedy shared with me completely changed my understanding of how pain works. It’s a rare occurrence to find a doctor that really listens with understanding and empathy. It feels so true that knowledge is power and Dr. Kennedy is sharing knowledge.

S.C. Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Dr. Kennedy has made an incredible difference in my recovery from Long Covid.  After my appointments with Dr. Kennedy, as well as taking her classes, my symptoms and pain are so much better! They are no longer ‘making me sick’.  The information I’ve learned from Dr. Kennedy enables me to understand what I’ve experienced in my body. She gently and clearly presents concrete activities and tools to  facilitate  healing.  I highly recommend Resilience Health Care. It has changed my life!”

Teresa Z.

“Working with Dr. Kennedy has been truly life changing! It took me 9 years to find her and in one session she flipped everything around, gave me the tools I need to recover, and helped me make connections between chronic pain and suppressed emotions in a way no course, book, or program has ever done for me. It’s difficult to put into words, but I’ve spent years wishing there were doctors out there who understood not only my condition, but how to actually rewire my brain and fully recover. And here she is! Her compassion, understanding, and empathy, in combination with extensive experience and knowledge of Mind Body Syndrome/TMS, gave me instant peace of mind and that gut feeling I get when I know without a shadow of a doubt I’m on the right path. If you have chronic pain, lyme, chronic fatigue, IBS, or any number of ongoing medical challenges, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her! It is the best thing you can do for yourself, and the fastest path towards healing. I only wish I’d known about her, Dr. Schubiner, and the Curable app years ago! Whatever your path is towards healing, I wish you all the best.”

Tiffany S. Hillsboro, OR

“Resilience Health Care AKA Dr. Kennedy, is amazing. The Emotional Expression course was packed full of great information to help me combat my chronic fatigue, dizziness, and fogged brain symptoms. I was lost, floundering and suffering, I had a hunch my symptoms were not issues that needed medical treatment because I spent $$$$ on tests and tests and all the Doctors just shrugged their shoulders and pointed me to other specialists. Then I found Dr K’s you tube videos (subscribe) by doing long haul covid searches, and it was as if those videos were me!! I then connected with her via her website, and she hooked me up with the Emotional Expression class and helped me build my evidence for Neuroplastic symptoms. Dr K is kind, committed, knowledgeable and great to work with…My symptoms overall are better, not gone, I am still recovering, but I am 100% confident I will fully recover.”

George R. Alabama

“I got pieces of my life back that I thought were lost forever. Dr. Kennedy and her program listened to what I was saying and heard me. I have hope for my future recovery which is not something I could have said a year ago.”

Amy Stashek Portland, OR

This course was life changing! I wish I could tell everyone suffering right now that there is hope. I was terrified for years with mysterious symptoms that worsened after I got Covid and I thought that this was the end of my life. I couldn’t get out of bed. I had vertigo and a dozen other symptoms. Dr Kennedy’s class made me feel better almost instantly. She was so caring and supportive, and always available to answer my questions which made me trust her and what she was saying even more. I highly recommend this class and feel like less people would suffer if they took it.

B.U. Hawaii

 I loved the class, the information provided in such a Supportive and compassionate way by Becca.  We can all tell that she is passionate about this information and getting it out to all of us who have been suffering for so long. She really wants to help us get better in a truly positive way.  We are all so grateful for the work she is doing!!! I knew when I listened to Raelyn Agle interviewing Dr. Becca Kennedy, that this was the missing piece to my four year struggle.  I believed that my healing had to do with misinformation that my brain was getting and that my brain was ” stuck in a cycle”.  I just didn’t know how to get my brain unstuck, until I took Becca’s class.  The information is so clear and straightforward.  I am able to practice the tools everyday,  knowing that the healing journey is not linear and not beating myself up when symptoms flare.  Talking to my brain consistently to change what my subconscious has gotten stuck believing because my nervous system was in such a heightened state of fear and alarm for so long when I was sick.  It was never able to turn off.  I always knew that but didn’t know what to do, until now. The concepts that Becca teaches are so easy but it’s also the most challenging thing I’ve done in my life. The positive takeaways for me are Consistent messages of safety, I’m not sick or broken, movement is not dangerous,  finding JOY!!!!  (Hugely impactful) I cant emphasize all of those things enough.  I’m getting there day by day.   I have 100% hope that this will be the key for me to total recovery.   I wake up excited.   I’m so thankful and grateful to Becca! 

Tracy Alvarado 49 y/o. North Carolina

“Dr. Kennedy was enormously helpful in helping me pinpoint all of the areas where little fears were still remaining even after years of mind-body interventions-she listened adeptly to my timeline and story, assured me that over-spending on fancy products for health interventions would be unnecessary as opposed to regular blood, thyroid, cancer, anemia, electrolyte and apnea screenings for my long COVID. She clarified small points of things I needed to continue with, and emphasized small paradigm shifts (such as how to approach a healthier diet without creating more or feeding tms). Her openness made me feel she was authentic and based in reality-and her willingness to listen and respond showed me she was not trying to merely look for ways to prove her own viewpoints but rooted in a mode of thought and behavior that is flexible, realistic, and adaptable. I felt she was showing up for me as a whole person instead of seeing me in pieces and parts according to specialization (but her experience as a physician for 25 years showed and gave me confidence in her). I would recommend Dr. Kennedy strongly to anyone struggling/wondering/stuck on the treadmill of ‘is this tms/mbs or not?”

M.T. Portland, Oregon

I had heard how Dr. Sarno’s work could help and read the books, but I just couldn’t figure out how to apply it my healing from Long COVID. I had tried two different brain training programs before but they only offered short term results. This course has given me the knowledge, practical strategies, confidence and results to know I am well on my way to healing and that I can handle common obstacles as they come. 

Andrea, Vancouver, Canada

When I first approached Becca, I had been struggling over the previous year with Long COVID, with symptoms including POTS, stomach issues, anxiety, the list goes on. Although I was pushing through and was implementing all of the right things (diets, relaxation exercises, medications, etc.), I felt as though I had plateaued and wasn’t seeing much improvement. I was having major symptoms daily and even going out to the shop or to lectures would fill me with anxiety and leave me exhausted. I booked in with Becca and after  a couple of sessions and some homework, I felt something had shifted and I started to feel like myself again. Some symptoms had completely disappeared and I became less fearful of others. I’m in nursing school and have been able to continue with my studies, even managing to do 13-hour long shifts in the hospital, which I didn’t think was possible!  Becca is beyond empathetic and professional and I hope that more practitioners like her begin to surface, what she does is special. My relationship with myself and how I handle my emotions has changed and I’m finally starting to get my life back, which I’m so grateful to her for. 

Caoibhe Raghallaigh, Dublin Ireland.

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